Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Enough -- Because I Wasn’t

How many people have you heard share their testimony of salvation?  How many have heard yours? I believe many of us don’t share our personal stories because we feel they won’t have the same impact as another person’s story. We remember the people that Christ saved from drugs, alcohol, and other addictions. We remember the people saved from deep depression, near suicide, and atheism. These are awesome stories of the work Christ has done in their lives and can do in others, and I would not dare to try and take away from the miracles God has done in their lives. But . . .
What about you? Are you like me? Just an average “good” person?  In a random gathering of 500 people, on average only 20 will be alcoholics, 25 will suffer with drug addiction, and only 1 will attempt suicide. Where does that leave the other 454?  I contend that the average person you meet in your day to day life probably considers themself to be a “good” person. Many will hear miraculous deliverance stories and think, “that is great for them, but I don’t have those problems, and I don’t need deliverance.” While they may be intrigued, they do not relate.
Scripture says there is none good but God; and because we have all sinned, none of us are good enough. So how do we reach these everyday “good” people?  We share our “good” story. My story is good enough to share with others, because I wasn’t. And I need to share my story so that others know that they can't be good enough either. My story is good enough – because I wasn’t. What about yours?

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