Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where's Your Line?

Today my husband and I went to Sonic. Many Saturdays there are different groups of kids delivering the food and receiving tips as a fundraiser. Today it was a swim team. I was intrigued by the slogan on their T-shirts, “Kick or Drown”.  How simple yet profound for a swim team. Other sports have slogans such as “Run Fast or Be Last”, “No Pain, No Gain”, and “Run Hard or Walk Home”. Perhaps you have heard religious slogans such as “Turn or Burn” or “Pray or Perish”. The one that came to my mind was “Grow or Die”.
When we are physically born, our body begins to grow and develop and get stronger; but there comes a point when our body slowly begins to deteriorate as we age and eventually die. I envision this as a line that goes up to its peak and then descends.
Spiritually it is the opposite. We are born into sin, and each day we live without Christ pushes us further and further and closer to eternal darkness; but when we are born again spiritually, we begin to grow and develop and get stronger. I envision this as a line descending that abruptly stops and turns upward when we surrender our lives to Christ. At that point, we make a daily decision as to whether our line will continue on its ascent upwards growing with Christ or whether it will remain stagnant. The line will never again go down, but your decisions affect how far it will rise.
Where is your spiritual line? Is it ascending? Are you growing? Or are you stagnant? When your physical line ends, where will your spiritual line be?
Kick or Drown -- Grow or Die.
I Peter 2:2

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