Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Precious Babies

I know, I know.  My babies are all grown up and aren’t babies anymore. And yes, I do have two grandbabies. But today, I’m writing about my precious furry babies. We have three cats that are all very different. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the color of their eyes.

Kylie has blue eyes. She started out as a little ball of white fluff, but has grown into a 9.5 pound white pillow that looks like she was rolled in ashes.  Her white fur isn’t totally white anymore.  She definitely has a lot of Siamese in her, she startles easily, sometimes she is cross-eyed, and she talks a LOT. Kylie has never met a stranger. She loves everyone. She thinks she is queen of the house, but the other two cats don’t agree. Kylie is soft and cuddly, but only on her terms.

Abbie has green eyes. She is a brownish gray tabby cat. She definitely looks like a cat and not a kitten and weighs only a couple of ounces less than Kylie. Abbie is longer than Kylie, so she looks very long and lean making Kylie look fat. Abbie is always ready for a nap. I can leave for work in the morning and find her in the exact same spot when I get home at night. Abbie is a true scaredy-cat. She is afraid of anyone she doesn’t know. When the doorbell rings or a door opens, she immediately hides under the bed. She is good at hiding and has been locked in the closet by accident on occasion.

Munchkin has golden eyes.  She is a dark gray munchkin breed with some quirks.  Full grown at 7.5 pounds, she looks like a much smaller kitten with a cute teddy bear face. Munchkin was born with front paws that are crooked, so she walks on the sides of her paws.  She has a cork screw tail, and her back feet each have six toes. They look like she has her shoes on the wrong feet. She is adorable, especially when she sits up like a chipmunk.  We can only wonder what her insides are like and have thought about asking the vet for an x-ray. Munchkin is very loving and definitely a mommy’s girl. She isn’t as social as Kylie, but she is more inquisitive than Abbie when company arrives. Munchkin has no clue she is any different than the other cats. She runs and jumps and plays and attacks her sisters daily. She is also a talker, but not nearly as much as Kylie.

These are my precious babies: Kylie, Abbie, and Munchkin!


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  2. K's Book Reviews said...
    Oh, I'm a cat lover too! However, I just have one! You have cute cats & I like your Munchkin. I have a friend who has a cat named Kylie too.
    I do book reviews but haven't done this one yet. However, I know the author & it is a good book because I've read it. I'm just so very behind in my book reviews.
    She is a christian too & uses her cat stories & talks about what they have taught her about God! Very good read! Good Mews by Kitty Chappell Give it a read & let me know what you think of it too!