Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occupy Your Local Church?

Some people want a Revolution. I’m not sure why they want one, but I agree we need one. The Revolution we need in America right now begins at home on our knees, and then transfers to the local church on our knees some more.  The movie “Courageous” has it right. Instead of starting with a Revolution, they first make the right Resolution, which in turn will inspire a Godly Revolution.  One letter makes the difference. We need to individually resolve to change ourselves first instead of revolting to change others.
Does America have problems? Of course.  Are our churches perfect? Of course NOT. Both are made up of people, and all people sin; but what many have either forgotten or have never realized is that “We the People” have a Savior. If we would just humble ourselves, turn from our sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord, God would again Bless America.
There used to be a saying at church, “Each one, Win one.”  This meant each person should bring one other person to Christ. Maybe we should get back to that. Share the good news, and pray for our nation. This is not just for the 99% -- it’s for 100%. Occupy Your Local Church this Sunday on your knees. I’ll be there, will you?

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