Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Saint's Life

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, so it made me stop and think, “What does a saint’s life looks like?” As a Christian, the Bible says I am a saint. So my life is a saint’s life.
What does my typical day looks like? 
I get up at _________________.
The first thing I do is ______________________.
The majority of my day is spent ______________________.
I spend __________ time in prayer.
That prayer time is divided as:
______________  time asking God for something and
______________ time complaining to God about something and
______________ time worshipping and thanking God and
______________ time listening to God.
I spend __________ time reading or studying the Bible.
I spend __________ time sharing God with others.
I watch __________ time watching TV.
I spend __________ time on the internet (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
I spend __________ time on email.
I spend __________ time with my family.

This is a saint’s life. I purposely did not fill in the blanks, because it isn’t necessarily what I would say a saint’s life should look like? May we all arrange our days to be worthy of the calling of a saint.