Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Want What She Has

She is in such good shape. I wish I looked like that. Her hair looks so nice. I wish my hair would hold that style. She looks so young. I wish my skin were as smooth as hers.
This morning I attended the Fort Worth Christian Prayer Breakfast along with approximately 1,800 other people. Major Jeff Struecker, a decorated member of the US Army’s elite fighting corp which was prominently featured in Black Hawk Down, was the speaker. What influenced me the most in listening to him speak was that during a crisis, others saw something different in him and wanted what he had. It really struck me that I want to live my life so that others want what I have, which is Jesus Christ at the center of my life. So first question is: Am I living with Christ at the center?
I don’t desire for others to want to look like me or have material things that I have. Instead I want to live so that others want what I have in my life that matters -- so that they want Jesus Christ in their life by seeing mine.
I want others to say, “I want what she has.”

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