Sunday, April 1, 2012

Instant Communication

I have just stepped into the future. Today I traded my Flip Phone for a Droid. I now have instant access to my email and Facebook and the internet and who knows what else. I didn’t think I cared, but five minutes after setting it up, I’m hooked. I was inspired by my four year old grandson that could pick up his mom’s phone and just start swiping his finger up, down, and sideways across a phone to take a picture, show me a picture, or play one of many games. My husband and I mused about where things will be when he is our age. I’m sure we can’t even begin to imagine.

We are addicted to instant communication. When I was a kid, I talked on the phone in my parent’s room lying on the floor next to the bed, because the phone was attached to a cord in the wall. I took pictures with a camera with a flash cube on top that rotated with every snap and then had to be replaced after four pictures. I might get 24 pictures at once and then have to ask my parents to drive me to the store to turn in the film to be developed and picked up several days later. Now I can take a picture with my phone (of all things) and press a button to transfer that picture instantly to someone across the country.

Instant communication. I can instantly talk to, text, or even see those that I love even if I’m sitting in my car stuck in the middle of a highway in a rush hour traffic jam. It all seems so amazing, but there is one aspect of instant communication that we tend to forget. I’m reminded that I have instant communication with God. It’s even easier than my new phone. I don’t have to turn on a screen or touch or drag an icon. The battery never runs out. I can just start talking, and He instantly hears me. It is the most instantaneous communication there will ever be. In fact, I don’t even have to speak out loud. He can hear my thoughts. What’s amazing is that this instant communication with God has been around since before I was my grandson’s age. It’s nothing new, but how much do I use it? Am I addicted to communication with God like I am with the world?

Oh that we might use our instant communication with God more than our instant communication with the world.

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