Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's in Your Jewelry Box?

What is the most treasured item in your jewelry box? Is it your wedding ring? Is it a necklace with precious stones, a diamond bracelet, or a strand of pearls? Perhaps it’s something that belonged to your great grandmother that has been passed down generation to generation? A jewelry box is a special place to keep treasures and jewelry. Yours might be a small musical chest or a large cabinet. It could be anything from a shoebox to a safety deposit box. Whatever you choose is special to you, but sometimes these jewelry boxes become full of broken pieces of gold chain, old clasps, safety pins, broken watches, buttons, and items that don’t even resemble jewelry. What’s in your jewelry box right now -- treasure or junk?
         Now imagine opening a special jewelry box that you receive as a gift. As you carefully raise the lid, you hear the most beautiful music you have ever heard. It’s as if angels are singing and God is speaking to you. As you peer inside you see precious gemstones shining against velvet lining reflecting perfect light. This isn’t just any jewelry box. It’s your spiritual jewelry box.
This jewelry box is a gift from God, but what you place inside is up to you. It will contain either the gemstones you personally receive from God’s word or rocks of worry, pride, and self-sufficiency. When we neglect our relationship with God, we don’t receive new treasures from Him; and even our spiritual jewelry boxes can be cluttered with earthly treasures. 
What gemstones have you received lately? The jewels of this world cannot compare to the riches of scripture. Make it a goal to spend some time digging in God’s word so your spiritual jewelry box will be full and your countenance will reflect God’s light to others. True beauty comes from within as we fill our spiritual jewelry box.


  1. Beautifully said, Donna. I recently received the gemstone of a healed relationship. God is good when we yield and let Him fill our jewely box.

  2. Gloria, Thank you for sharing. God is good.