Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's Your Lining?

A lining is a covering or coating that protects or strengthens an inside surface.
·         The lining in clothing helps give it shape and keeps the fabric from stretching. It also neatly finishes the garment and makes it easier and more comfortable to wear. A professional lining can increase the lifetime of certain clothing.
·         Drapery lining provides insulation, blocks light, and reduces fading.
·         Truck beds have lining for protection from weather and scratches.
·         A swimming pool liner protects against weathering and aging.
·         Wallpaper lining protects against shrinkage and stains. It also provides strength and uniformity when hanging wallpaper.
To summarize, linings are used for strength and protection. 

I use the top drawer of an antique dresser for my jewelry box. For a lining, I covered a piece of foam board (cut to the exact size of the drawer) with red velvet and placed it inside. It not only displays the jewelry nicely, it protects the drawer and the jewelry.

So thinking of your life and the theme from my last blog of a spiritual jewelry box, what is your lining?

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