Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rubies of Love

                I love my husband. He always remembers my birthday, our anniversary, and special holidays. He talks to me, and he listens to me. He wants to make me happy. We have a great relationship of knowing when something is more important to the other and knowing when to give and take. He is supportive and would gladly stand between me and harm’s way. He stands strong in His faith. His love for me is patient, kind, sharing, hopeful, enduring, and he has promised to love me forever. Sound like the perfect guy? Sorry, he’s taken. He’s mine.
                The color red is a symbol of love. We see red in hearts at Valentine’s Day, a dozen red roses,  and red I Love You scripts on birthday and anniversary cards. We’ve all heard the familiar poem, “Rubies are red, violets are blue . . .” which usually ends with I love you. Rubies are red, and rubies signify love. 
                My husband likes to give me jewelry. He likes to find different types of stones with matching ring, necklace, and earrings. It’s ironic that one of the stones he hasn’t chosen yet is rubies. Maybe he will read this post and come up with a good idea for Christmas.
                Despite everything good I can say about my husband, neither of us is perfect. As much as my husband loves me, his love doesn’t compare to God’s love. God’s love is perfect. It casts out fear. God’s love never fails. Even when I don’t deserve it, God loves me. Even when I hurt God’s feelings, he loves me. Even when I forget to talk to Him or acknowledge Him, God loves me. If I ignored Him for a year, He would still love me. Every time I sin, I mess up fellowship with God; but He loves me, and He is ready and waiting for me to turn back to Him.
                God has given me rubies. He has given me every precious stone. They are like gifts all neatly wrapped and waiting to be opened. All I have to do is open them by spending time with Him in His word. What is stopping me from filling my spiritual jewelry box? What is stopping you?

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