Monday, August 20, 2012

What Did You Forget?

            Do you ever leave home feeling like you have forgotten something? Every time I have this feeling, it’s true. I have forgotten something. It might be my lunch in the refrigerator, a grocery list, a dry cleaning coupon, or my shoes (for real--but that’s another story). What about time with God? Does the time you spend with God in the mornings have an impact that would cause you to have this same feeling if you missed it?
            It’s amazing how starting your day with God makes a difference in your attitude and expectancy for the day. Someone sent me an email today at work with a quote at the bottom. The quote was about being prepared for opportunities that could become our finest hour. The best way I know to prepare is to begin each day with God.
            Proverbs 20:15 (ESV) says, “There is gold and abundance of costly stones, but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.” The word for knowledge in this verse means discernment, understanding, or wisdom. There is a lot to learn in life, an abundance, but the precious jewels come in discernment and understanding.
            I can read scripture and even memorize a verse, but the treasure comes in unlocking the wisdom in that scripture. I want that wisdom. I want to understand what God has for me. The Holy Spirit provides the key to unlock these treasures as we spend time alone with God. Ask Him to unlock the treasures of His word and fill your spiritual jewelry box with precious jewels. Begin your day with an open jewelry box waiting to be filled.
            What’s in your spiritual jewelry box?

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