Monday, September 24, 2012

Today or Tomorrow

                If you had a bank that credited your account each morning with $86,400—with no balance carried from day to day—what would you do? You may have heard this asked before. This analogy is in relation to time. Every day we are given 86,400 seconds. Every night they are gone. There are no balances carried forward. You can’t save it, store it, loan it, or invest it. You can only use it, spend it.
                We would like to believe that if given $86,400 each day, we would spend every penny each day before midnight. At first you probably would; but if you knew it would be there again tomorrow, over time most of us would come to take it for granted. After all, what you don’t spend today, you will once again have the opportunity to spend tomorrow.
                If, on the other hand, you were given $86,400 to spend today without any guarantee that you would receive it again tomorrow, you would spend it all and spend it in the most profitable way possible. It’s the thought that you have it today but might NOT have it tomorrow that would cause you to spend it wisely today.
                Procrastination puts off today what can be done tomorrow even when it should be done today. What if you knew there was no tomorrow, or what if you knew there would never be another time you could do one specific thing? Would you do it today?
                Now forget the “what ifs”. Fact: The time you spend with God today will not be the same as the time you spend with Him tomorrow. He has something special for you today. If you don’t get together with Him to know what He has for you, you miss out. And even if you don’t believe it, there is no guarantee that you have a tomorrow.
                Don’t put off today what really can’t be done tomorrow. Meet with God, and receive what He has for you today. It won’t be the same tomorrow.

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