Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Who am I really – behind the mask you see?
Questions to ask:
1. What percent of my money do I spend where?
2. What percent of my time is spent with my family?
3. What percent of my time is spent on me?
4. What percent of my time is spent with God?
5. If what I do is an overflow of what is in my heart, what does that say about my heart?
Each question is a cause for reflection on who I really am. In my self-examination, I cried out to God about the selfishness I found in my own heart and asked him to replace it with His love for others. The next morning, he gave me this verse that I am clinging to as I look to Him. “God gave him another heart” I Samuel 10:9. I am trusting God for His heart as I walk with Him.
                Who are you really? Take off the mask, and ask God to give you another heart--His heart.

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