Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We are candles.
Blocks of wax molded by God.
He placed a wick inside each of us that only He can light.
We are candles.
We were made to shine His light to the world.
Candles are different colors, scents, and shapes.
But we are all candles.

Where is your candle?
It might be on a mantle.
It might be used for decoration without being lit.
Is your life just on display or is your wick lit and burning for God?

Where is your candle?
It might be on a table for a romantically lit dinner.
The wick sheds just enough light for an intimate conversation for two.
Are you sharing intimate conversations with God?

Where is your candle?
It might be on a birthday cake with a light representing each year of life.
Each year the cake burns brighter as another candle is added.
Each year of your walk with Christ brings about a brighter burning in your life.
What is your spiritual age? Does the light you shine in the world reflect that age?

Where is your candle?
It might be in a dark room giving light to those who cannot see.
This is our purpose as candles.
To shine light in the darkness.

God’s love for me is a candle that never burns out.
My love for Him is a candle that burns brightly to the end.

I am a candle.
Someday my wick will burn out.
My prayer is that His light will shine on because I burned brightly.
I am a candle.

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