Saturday, November 3, 2012

One Nation Under God – Where is Your Hope?

I feel a great burden for spiritual awakening in America, but what can I do? I am only one person.
 Prayer is the key that opens the lock.
Prayer is the hammer that breaks the rock.
Prayer is the substance that seals the breach.
Prayer is the influence beyond our reach.
Prayer is the rudder that guides the boat.
Prayer is the life vest that keeps you afloat.
Prayer is the light on a path that is dark.
Make sure you pray before you embark.
Prayer is the beginning of a Godly desire.
Prayer is the spark that starts the fire.
Prayer is the warmth that melts the ice.
It is the only answer that will suffice.
Prayer is the stitch that mends the ripped seam.
Prayer is the river that starts as a stream.
Prayer is the touch that comforts the weak.
Prayer parts the clouds as God’s face we seek.
Prayer opens the eyes of blind hearts to see
Prayer casts the vision of a nation set free.
Prayer opens the ears of deaf hearts to hear
To relinquish control and let God’s Spirit steer.
Prayer is the hope for a nation torn apart.
Prayer, my friends, is where we must start.

Prayer is all these things, but it doesn’t accomplish anything until you pray.
Thinking about prayer is not praying.
Believing in prayer is not praying.
Reading about prayer is not praying.
Join me in prayer for our nation.

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