Friday, January 11, 2013

Nearsighted vs Godsighted

                This morning I had an appointment with a dermatologist for an allergic reaction around my eyes. I wanted her to see the rash clearly, so I didn’t wear any makeup, and I didn’t wear my contacts. My vision without contacts isn’t terrible, but I am nearsighted. I wore my glasses so I didn’t run over anyone on the way.
                I remember the first time I started wearing glasses. I was in my twenties before I needed them. It didn’t seem like the glasses made that much difference until someone brought my attention to the leaves on the trees. I looked out the window of my office at some trees across the parking lot. No problem. I could see those trees clearly. I could even see the leaves. Then I put on my glasses and looked at the same trees. I was amazed. Not only could I see the leaves, I could see the individual leaves. I can’t describe the difference, and my eyes weren’t really that bad. It was like someone turned on a light and magnified the leaves.
                As I think about that initial pair of glasses, I also think about how I now walk around the house without my glasses when I’m not wearing my contacts. I can see; but when I put on my glasses, I am still amazed at the difference in clarity.
                The same thing is true with the way we see our lives and the world around us. It’s true of the decisions we make. We think we see things as they are. We think we are making the right decisions. We think we know, and then we open the Bible. God’s Word makes everything clear. It brings to light the truth. It shines a light on the circumstances around us and makes everything clear. Reading the Bible is like putting on glasses and really seeing the leaves on the trees for the first time.
                I challenge you to read God’s Word today and look at the world around you through His eyes. You might be surprised what you see.

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