Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Wise Man and the Stranger

Outside the air was chilly, and the wind was blowing strong.
To travel through the storm, the wise man knew was wrong.
Then he saw a man traveling down the snow piled road afar.
The sky was dark and cloudy with no sign of moon or stars.

This man didn’t seem to mind the storm or realize the threat of danger.
It seemed to be quite normal to this man who was a stranger.
He was born amidst the storm and had lived there all his life.
He didn’t know what peace was. He knew only pain and strife.
This man was always searching, for what he couldn’t say.
He thought the storm was normal, and in it he did stay.

The wise man took a coat to warm the man’s cold heart.
He built a blazing fire, but the stranger took no part.
The wise man offered shelter to this stranger in the night.
But the stranger passed on by. He didn’t see the light.

This man seemed very foolish to pass up such a chance
To find what he was searching for without a parting glance.
Many are like this stranger. They live life in the dark.
They don’t believe a fire can begin with just a spark.

We’re all born into this storm--the storm which God calls sin.
But Christ will be our shelter if to our heart we let Him in.
Jesus Christ is a coat of warmth, and on the cross He lit the spark.
His resurrection brought the fire that lights what once was dark.

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