Tuesday, March 26, 2013


                Different types of bridges exist all over the world. The beam type is the simplest and what I remember as a child. It could be a simple piece of wood or a tree limb laid across the creek and supported by the creek bank on either side. This would also describe the bridge my cats use when they walk across my legs from the couch to the coffee table or the bridges my grandsons build out of blocks.
                An arch bridge is just what it sounds like. The bridge is shaped like an arch. An example is the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls. A suspension bridge uses cables for support. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a great example. Another type of bridge is a cantilever bridge using counterbalances, which are weights used to balance another weight. These are more complex.
                My least favorite bridge is one that spans across a large body of water. For some reason, I’m just not comfortable traveling across long distances of water in a car instead of a boat.
                Since Sunday is Easter, I thought I would also share my favorite bridge. It is made simply from wood and nails. It spans across a great canyon. The bridge is in the shape of a cross and lies between man and God spanning the chasm of sin that separates us. Jesus Christ laid this bridge when he laid down His life on the cross.
                The bridge of the cross makes it possible for us to cross over from death unto life. Have you crossed this bridge?

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