Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring has Sprung

The trees are budding, flowers are on sale, and the weather is beginning to warm up (at least in Texas). Our Bradford Pear pretty much skipped the white flowers and went straight to leaves. Begonias, petunias, and azaleas are on sale at my local plant store, so I will be out in the yard planting before long.
I remember a hymn we used to sing called It Took a Miracle. One part told about a lily pushing its way up through the ground and how a flower growing is a miracle. Spring is a great time to be reminded of miracles all around us. Life itself is a miracle.
At the end of this month, churches all across the nation will be filled on Easter Sunday.  We will celebrate the greatest miracle of all -- the miracle of God’s grace and mercy to us through Jesus’ death and resurrection. This is the miracle of the cross.
Look around, and you will notice a lot of people that wear a cross around their neck or tattoo one on their body or hang one on their wall. Next time you see a cross, ask the person who owns it what it means to them. If they don’t know about the miracle of the cross, offer to share it with them so they can know what they are representing. I’d love to hear any interesting stories. Leave a comment telling me about your experience or what the cross means to you.

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