Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Tax Day!

We babysat our grandkids this weekend. They are so much fun and always provide inspiration. This weekend I found it interesting how our 2 year old grandson would cry when he didn’t want to do something, but at the same time he would do it. For example, when it was bedtime, I handed him his bear with a blanket attached. As soon as he saw that bear, he started to cry. That bear evidently represented bedtime to him. He immediately headed for the stairs and started crawling up the stairs with his bear blanket in one hand and his large blanket in the other. He cried the entire way. When we got upstairs he went straight to his bed, which is like a travel crib. I asked if he wanted to get in the bed, and he shook his head yes and just kept crying. I kissed him good night, told him I loved him, and laid him down.
My grandson lay down without a struggle. He never once fought the process of going to bed, but he cried the whole way. Within minutes he was asleep. I thought of the verse that says joy comes in the morning. When he woke up Sunday morning, there were no tears or cries, just happy smiles and an energy burst to start a new day.
I wonder if you can relate to my grandson today. Did you have to pay taxes this year and cry as you wrote the check? Did you cry the entire way to the post office? Did you do what you knew you needed to do, but did you still cry the whole way? There may be other areas where you are doing what you know you need to do but crying the whole way. Don’t worry. Joy comes in the morning. Whatever today brings, tomorrow will be a new day. You can wake up with a happy smile and energy burst to start your day as you remember that God has given you another day to rejoice in and be glad. Also, taxes aren’t due for another year.
Happy Tax Day!


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