Saturday, May 11, 2013

Top 10 Memories as a Mom

It’s tough to pick favorite mom memories. The ones I pick today might be different than the ones I would pick tomorrow. But here is what I came up with so far.

My favorite mom memories:
1.       Rocking my children when they were babies.
2.       Christmas mornings every year.
3.       Sewing costumes for my children.
4.       Field days in elementary school.
5.       Soccer games. They were always freezing cold or burning hot, nothing in-between.
6.       Watching my husband and daughter dance together at half time at the Friday night football game.
7.       College graduations (one last December and one this week).
8.       Hugs from my children as adults.
9.       Grandchildren.
10.   Watching my daughter turn out to be the best mom in the world and looking forward (many years in the future) to watching my boys become great dads.

These memories were all made possible by the great mom that I have. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my daughter, and to all you other moms. It is truly a blessing and a privilege to be a mom.
This is a picture of my two favorite moms.

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