Monday, June 17, 2013

My Life in the Movies

There is a popular Christian song right now that talks about God already being at the end of our lives and looking back. He knows our future and each decision we will make.
As I recently listened to the words in this song, I thought about God sitting in His media room and watching my life playing out like a movie. He has seen this movie many times before. He knows what I have done right and wrong. He knows the decisions I have made and will make in the future. He is watching where I am right now.
Is He watching and saying, “Oh I love this part. This is where she listens to me and allows me to bless her and accomplish great things.” Or is He saying, “Well she’s doing something good, but I had so much more for her. If only she had spent more time with me and listened for my guidance.” Could He be saying, “No, no, no. This is so hard to watch.” Is God happy with where I am right now and where I am headed, or is this the disappointing part of my life movie?
I can’t change things up to this point. I can’t change where I am right now, but I can change each step I take from this point forward. I can walk out in faith by listening to God as He leads and directs me through His Word, our conversations in prayer, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.
I can fill my spiritual jewelry box with His Word. Dear God, I want this part of my life movie to be the best yet and only get better. I want to step out on the path You have for me.

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