Monday, July 8, 2013

Become a Cult Leader

                 The other night at dinner, we were talking about how a record number of church-going people brought up in conventional denominations leave their churches to become part of a cult. What is a cult? The actual definition of the term “cult” is a system of religious beliefs or rituals. According to Wikipedia it’s a term for a new religious movement or other group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre by the larger society. Hmmm, now that I think about it, Christianity might be headed that way.
                Mainstream churches consider other groups to be cults based on deviations from the central doctrines of Christianity. Several groups claim to be Christian, but because of their doctrinal differences, they are considered cults.
                Why do people leave conventional church denominations to join a cult? Many groups offer free acceptance, love, and care for those that don’t feel they fit in elsewhere. But I believe the main reason people leave our churches today is that they see others who appear to have something they want – sincere devotion and discipline. Just as a child needs and desires discipline, as adults we also need and desire discipline in our lives.
                Most cult members are completely dedicated to their beliefs regardless of what others think. People are looking for something to believe in that is real, and cult members are devoted and disciplined in their beliefs and actions. They are passionate about what they believe. They walk their talk, many at all costs. What group comes to mind when you think of a cult? Are they committed? Are they disciplined? Can you tell they believe what they say?
                The term “Christian” means follower of Christ. The majority of Christians today might say they follow Christ, but do their co-workers and friends and family see it and believe them?
                I believe as Christians we should all become cult leaders by living what we claim to believe, so others will see our lives radically devoted to God as Christ followers. We should all be cult leaders – Committed Unique Leaders of Truth.
                I want to be as dedicated and disciplined in my faith in Christ as others are in heretical teachings that lead people away from the one true God of the Bible. I want to be a CULT leader, a Committed Unique Leader of Truth – the truth of God’s Word.

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