Monday, July 22, 2013

Loving God

What does it mean to love God? I recently completed a discipleship course at our church. One of our assignments was to tell God we loved Him three times per day. It was strange when I realized I don’t normally tell God that I love Him. I wondered why. Of course, I love God, so why was this not a normal practice?
I thought about the discussions on love that my husband and I had before getting married. We talked about how the infatuation of new love wears off (of course, it hasn’t yet after 11 years of marriage). We talked about how we believed that loving someone is a choice.
I choose to love my husband. On the days when things don’t go right and he might do something that irritates me (although this has never happened), I still love him. If he stopped loving me and no longer showed love for me, I would have a choice to make. Do I love my husband because of what he does for me and how he treats me? Or do I love my husband because I have made a choice and a commitment to love him?
Scripture says, “We love Him because He first loved us.” This doesn’t mean we love God because He is good or shows us love, but it means that God has made it possible for us to love at all because of His love for us.
When we fall in love, all we think about is the one we are in love with. When my husband and I were dating, we stayed up late at night talking on the phone. Many nights we sacrificed our sleep in order to hear each other’s voice. When we first got married we did everything together.  I went to the hardware store with him, and he went to the shoe store with me.
We always wanted to be together. We put the other one’s wishes above our own. We desired each other’s presence and to hear their voice.
When was the last time I missed sleep so that I could stay up and spend time with God? Do I think about God incessantly? Do I desire His presence and long to hear His voice?
What sacrifices am I willing to make for God in comparison to the sacrifices I have or will make for my family because I love them?
Do I really love God? Do you?

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