Thursday, August 22, 2013

Living for Tomorrow

I am a planner. I am always planning for the next trip or the next event. I have a list prepared for what to do tonight, what to do this weekend, when to pay which bill, etc. I look forward to when the next task is accomplished and then look forward to what I can plan next. I love calendars and lists and spreadsheets.
Some people are much more laid back. They are happy-go lucky and are just waiting for 5:00 each day or for the weekend. They look forward to the next slot of free time to relax and be carefree. They look forward to a time without responsibility, or they long for retirement.
It’s great to plan, to look forward to your next accomplishment, and to have free time to relax. Weekends are a great time to recover from a week of responsibilities. HOWEVER (you knew it was coming), what about today? In all of our living for tomorrow or next week or next month or next year, we can forget about today. When we forget about today, we LOSE today.  
Do you remember wishing you were in high school? Do you remember waiting for the day you could drive? Can you remember a time when you couldn’t wait for your child to stand up alone or walk? Was there a time you couldn’t wait for them to drive themselves to activities? What about the teenage years when you couldn’t wait for them to graduate? What about looking forward to college graduation and that pay raise you get when your children find a job and start supporting themselves?
In all of our longing for the next steps, did we remember to enjoy holding those babies before they were scrambling to get out of our arms and walk on their own? Did we enjoy watching our children dance, play sports, play in the band, work on a science project, or just eat pizza at a slumber party in our living room? Did we enjoy the conversations in the car when we were the taxi driver?
Don’t just live for tomorrow. Live for today. Time goes by too fast. Don’t miss it. Tomorrow it is guaranteed that the sun will rise, but you are only guaranteed this moment. Don’t let it pass you by.

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