Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Many Mountains

We all face mountains in our lives. There are mountains we have to climb, mountains we have to go around, and mountains that we must tunnel through. Sometimes we face mountains that we can command to move. Every one of us is heading up, heading down, walking around, or tunneling through. Some have the faith to move them.
There were many mountains in Scripture. Noah floated over the mountains in a boat. Moses received the 10 commandments on a mountain. The Israelites worshipped at the mountain. David slew Goliath in a valley between two mountains. Jesus was tempted on a mountain and defeated Satan. Jesus prayed on a mountain.
Sometimes we view mountains as obstacles, but it’s after we have climbed the mountain that we usually say we have had that mountain top experience.
Remember that whatever mountain you face in your life, every mountain is a place to meet with God.

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