Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Beginning - God Speaks

                New Year’s Day in review. I packed up all the Christmas decorations including the Christmas village houses, nativities, Santas, lights, tree, etc. It’s a great way to start the new year by putting my home back together with furniture where it belongs, vacuuming up pine tree needles, cleaning, and decorating anew. Our cats already miss sleeping under the tree on the tree skirt. I also spent time with my hubby and relaxed. I started the day by finishing my read through the book of John and organized my planner with some of my goals for 2014.
                Spiritual goals are as important, more than our physical, emotional, financial, and relational goals. Our spiritual goals have an influence on each of the others. Some of the things I learned from my quick read through John were
1)      It all starts with my family
2)      Miracles can be personal and not always shared with others
3)      Jesus is the light in a dark world
4)      Obey – no excuses or complaining
5)      Use what you have, and let God multiply it
6)      Abide in the word to know the truth
7)      Love one another
                Yes, there are many other things in the book of John, but these were what spoke to me. These are the things that will influence the start of another year – the year 2014. Today I start again in the beginning with Genesis. In the beginning God spoke, and great things happened. It’s no different today. When God speaks, great things happen. I am listening for His voice in 2014.
                Which book of the Bible are you reading right now?

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