Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Greatest Healing

I prayed recently for three people who were ill. I didn’t just pray once in a while or check off my prayer list. I had a conviction and a heavy heart to pray for these people and their healing. The first was the young adult daughter of a couple in my Bible fellowship class who had cancer. The second was the husband of a friend that had moved to another state who developed complications from the flu. The third was a sweet baby boy just 18 months old whose grandparents I know.
The first girl had a period of improvement, but then she passed away. The second also passed away too soon. Monday morning I read the news that the precious baby boy I was praying for had moved from this life to the next. While heaven is sweet and by far the best healing, there is heartache for the families left behind. The first young woman left behind her parents, her husband, and a 10 year old daughter now without her mom. The second left his wife of many years and his adult children. And this sweet baby boy left his young brother and sister, parents, and grandparents. 
Three situations which I have felt compelled not just to pray for the families but for healings. I believe God can heal, but this morning shook my world. I believed this baby would be physically healed. As I asked God if He is still in the healing business and why I have had a heavy heart for these three and none were healed, I struggled for answers. I may never have answers this side of heaven, but I still sought God to answer. What I heard was not what I wanted to hear, but it is the truth. Our experiences do not provide reliable truth, but Holy Scripture does.
I remembered Job 38-41 which basically asks, “Who am I to question God?” Well that was harsh, but it stopped my whining. I am not one to question, but I do know His love for me and for these families. He does desire for me to come to Him with my need for understanding and yet continue to trust Him when I don’t understand. For these families I ask for God’s comfort and peace that we cannot understand. For me, I ask for God to show me His works today. Not His works in the past, but His works today. I need to see Him.
Today the earth continues to spin, today the air provides what I need to breathe, today my needs are met, and today His hand holds me. He is the only one that holds me 100% in sickness and health, in poverty and wealth, and in death we will not part but only begin eternity together forever in His arms. I feel His presence holding me, and I ask for these families to feel it also. 
Some will say these three were healed as they passed from this life to heaven. This is true. So now we wait and watch as God provides healing to the hearts left behind. And then God says to me, “But this is the greatest healing. This is the greatest miracle beyond our comprehension. Which is harder—to heal the body or heal the heart?” My answer is not to stop praying. My answer is to continue in prayer for those grieving to have their hearts healed. We will all die physically one day; but while we live, our hearts can experience the miracle of healing that only comes from God. This is true, and this will be my continued prayer. 

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