Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Over the Rainbow

I love rainbows. To me they represent God’s promises. Not just a promise that the earth will never be flooded again to destroy all flesh, but a deeper promise of life and love.

This week we have had great summer rain which is not always a normal occurrence in Texas. Several people have posted pictures of rainbows on Facebook, and these pictures immediately reminded me of God’s love.

The lyrics of the song by the same name talk about a land over the rainbow where the skies are blue, the clouds are behind us, and our dreams come true. There is such a place. Jesus said He was going to prepare such a place for us.

When I see a rainbow, I remember God’s promises that I have tucked into my spiritual jewelry box. When I see a rainbow, I look forward to spending eternity in heaven with my Savior. I believe in blue skies and the fulfillment of dreams. I believe in eternity. I believe in heaven. 

What does a rainbow represent to you? 

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