Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Faith in World Crisis

There is so much in the news today about attacks on Christians and our faith. Sometimes it’s scary. With recent speculation of terrorists entering my home state of Texas, it’s especially concerning. So what is my part? What can I do? 
Of course, the obvious answer is pray. I need to pray. All Christians need to pray. We need to pray for God’s wisdom and protection. We need to pray for our country. 
And while prayer is definitely top priority, I keep feeling there is more. What impact can I have? 
The answer should be obvious, but sometimes forgotten. We need to speak the Word. Scripture says God’s Word never returns void. It was God speaking that created the world at the beginning of time. He spoke, and it was so. 
If my only impact is my small area of influence, I will speak God’s Word. If those that hear will in turn speak, a larger impact will be made. The multiplication can be far reaching and beyond our scope of belief. 
Join me in prayer. Join me in speaking God’s Word. 
Fill up your spiritual jewelry box, and share it with those who can hear you.

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