Monday, November 17, 2014

The Perils of Recovering From Surgery - My Stir Crazy Thoughts

I have read 3,265 Facebook posts, 372 recipes, 85 blogs, 483 twitter posts, and 1,278 DIY Pins. And today is only Monday. What will I do with myself the rest of this week? 

There is something to be said for having time to prepare for surgery. I would have stocked the house with groceries and anything needed for a month. All laundry would have been washed, dried, folded, and put away. I would have bought 5 new books to read. I might have even decorated early for Christmas. But no, my doctor decides on Wednesday that I’m having surgery, requiring a two-week partial bed-rest recovery, on Friday. The preparation to be gone from work wasn’t much easier.  

Before surgery: The pre-op nurse thought she was being helpful the day before surgery by suggesting they might try to flush out my kidney stones while in the hospital. Kidney stones had nothing to do with this hospital stay. I am rather attached to my kidney stones and am perfectly happy with them staying right where they are, thank you very much. I don’t think she truly understands what flushing them out would mean. She has evidently never passed one.

During surgery: I don’t remember anything. So thankful!

After surgery: The post-op nurse actually had the audacity to suggest I admit to having gas after surgery. She suggests this to a lady that has never admitted to her husband anything like this ever happening in her life thus far. Really? How could she? Sometimes they just don’t think. 

And now my doctor does not seem to share my concern for going back to work quickly. 

At home I only have two main rules: 1) stay out of my laundry room and 2) stay out of my kitchen. Of course, when you are recovering from surgery, a well-meaning husband that loves you invades both of these spaces. I have done well so far by not reloading the dishwasher or refolding his socks. Only those who know me well will understand the magnitude of this feat. I also tried not to cringe at the thought of him grocery shopping without a thought as to what was on sale. I cannot guarantee what tomorrow will bring when he goes back to work. I only promise not to drive yet. That’s it. 

The ladies at our church are graciously bringing us dinner each night. The meals have been wonderful. Through this wonderful gift of service I have learned a couple of things. 1) Per my son, we normally eat the same thing every week and 2) I may need to use some of those recipes I perused this week in the near future.  

So what about tomorrow? Well, I think it’s about time to consider Christmas decorating. My husband goes back to work tomorrow, and I will need something to do while he is gone. Shhhhh. Don’t tell him. We’ll see if he notices when he gets home from work. I can blame the lapse of memory to rest on hormones, or my lack thereof. 

Let me know how you have coped recovering from surgery. I definitely need some help.