Saturday, April 25, 2015

Benefits of Procrastination

What does procrastination accomplish? You might say nothing, but I beg to differ. I get a lot done when I procrastinate. 

This morning I decided I was going to quit putting off working on the next chapter of my book. No more procrastination. So I sat down at my computer and checked my email and Facebook so those things wouldn’t be a distraction once I started writing. 

Then I remembered there was a load of laundry in the dryer that I needed to remove. As I walked past the kitchen sink, I realized there were a few dishes there that needed to be put in the dishwasher. I glanced at the clock on the way back to my computer and remembered I needed to call my daughter to let her know we were coming by this afternoon. Then one of the cats looked up at me with pleading eyes, so I made sure they had fresh food and water (as if they ever go without). I noticed a couple of spots on the kitchen floor near the cat bowl, so I cleaned those up and considered cleaning the entire floor. But the only thing worse than procrastinating on writing is mopping the kitchen floor, so I came back to the computer.

As I sat down to type, I thought this series of events would be worth sharing in a blog, so here I sit typing my next blog instead of working on that next chapter. 

So what, you might ask, did I accomplish by procrastinating? I checked email, checked Facebook, removed a load of laundry from the dryer, loaded the dishwasher, called my daughter, fed the cats, cleaned some spots on the kitchen floor, and typed this blog. 

With all of those things done, I still haven’t done what I set out to do. Sometimes all our busyness can be a form of procrastination for the most important things in life. In my case this morning, it was a commitment to write. Sometimes it’s something more important, like time with God in prayer and reading His word.

When do you procrastinate, and what do you really accomplish? I’m closing now, so I can work on that chapter. Please pray for me that I get it done. Shaving my legs really can wait.

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