Sunday, April 12, 2015

Time Management - Does God Care? Part 4 or 5

The third time management alarm is to withdraw to win early. I like to win, so this one is important.

Jesus withdrew to pray and seek God’s direction. We see this when John the Baptist died, before calling the disciples, and when seeking God for specific direction.

When we withdraw early, we give God our first time when our day begins. As I searched scripture for God’s time management principles, I looked up mornings. Over and over I saw examples from scripture of those that not only started their day in the morning, but early in the morning. From Abraham to Abimelech to Isaac, Jacob, Laban, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, and David, they all got up early.

The Psalms tell us to talk to God in the morning, joy comes in the morning, pray in the morning, sing to God, cry for help, and listen to God in the morning. Mark 1:35 tells us Jesus prayed not just in the morning, not just early in the morning, but very early in the morning.

God impressed on my heart that I needed to give Him my first time. Just like the principle of the tithe being our first fruits, my time with God should start with my first time. I’ve heard it said in relation to finances that God can do more with my 90% than I can do with 100%. This is also true of our time. We can’t say we don’t have time. God can do more with our day when we give Him our first time than we can do with it if we don’t.

Withdraw for some early time with God before anything else. Tell Him what is on your plate for the day and ask for his direction and how to arrange it for His glory. A friend of mine gave wise advice, “Start the day with prayer and some scripture, or you might as well go back to bed.”

This is the most important alarm. Starting your day with God is where we find our purpose and align our motivation. Early time with God is where we surrender to His plans and priorities. Early time with God is where we hear His voice and become flexible to His leading. When we withdraw to spend time with God early each day, we win. I want to win every day.

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