Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time Management - Does God Care? Part 5 of 5

There are many great books written about time management that share great wisdom, but the best time management principles come from God’s word. I have to stop and ask myself if I am more likely to search for man’s time management tips or God’s wisdom. Am I more likely to read man’s wisdom or God’s?

There is a great illustration you may have seen using a jar of rocks. When small rocks are added to the jar first, the large ones don’t fit. But if the large ones are placed in first, the small ones can fill in around the larger ones. The principle is placing the large rocks, those truly important things, in the jar of our life first. 

Sometimes we think we don’t have time to take everything out of our jar and start over. So I propose another illustration. Our lives are like jars full of salt. There isn’t room for anything else. But if we seek God first, the Holy Spirit will pour into our lives just like hot water added to our jar of salt. He will dissolve what doesn’t need to be there, and everything else will begin to absorb His leading. I promise your life won’t overflow by adding time for God and His word. God is the author of time, so He is the best resource for time management.

I posed the question to my husband, “What would God’s Time Management plan look like?” He said, “A lot different than ours because God has eternity.” So do we. What will you do now that will affect eternity? What will change in how you use your time that will impact the life of someone else? What is your purpose? Are you prepared to be flexible? When is the last time you withdrew early? You can win at time management.

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