Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Pastor is Perfect -- Is Yours?

When I was 19, I became a pastor’s wife. He was still in school but already pastoring a church. When he preached, you knew there was a calling on his life. But Satan knew it too. 

Do you ever feel like your pastor is perfect? While we might all admit we don’t believe our pastor is perfect, we probably like to think he is. We don’t want to know that our pastor deals with temptations to sin. We don’t want to know that he struggles when making decisions. After all, he is the pastor and knows the answers. He is the one who shares those answers with us each week. Yes, let’s just leave our pastor up on the nice pedestal we have built for him, and let him be flawless. 

The truth is no one, not even our church pastor, is perfect. 

Elijah was the prophet that stood against the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. God rained down fire, and Elijah had the false prophets killed. And then depression set in after such a glorious outpouring of God’s power. How would you feel if you found out your pastor struggled with depression?
Peter was willing to die for Jesus until the time came. He denied Jesus three times. Yet later he was filled with the Holy Spirit and did die for His faith in Christ. What if you found out your pastor had denied Christ in his earlier ministry years? 

David was a man after God’s own heart, yet he committed adultery and had a man killed. How would you feel if . . . okay we won’t go there. We don’t need your pastor metaphorically put in jail. But the point is that we all have weaknesses and struggle with our own sins. We just don’t always believe our pastor has the same struggles. In all honesty, we probably would not be as forgiving of his as we want others to be of ours. 

Satan knows our weaknesses. When someone is serving God and making a difference for His kingdom, Satan will wage spiritual warfare. It’s in those times that the one making a difference needs prayer. The stronger the serve (for God’s kingdom), the stronger the return (of temptation from Satan). Pray for your pastor. Satan wants to expose his weaknesses, and we don’t want to know them. 

As a pastor’s wife, I found out quickly that my pastor husband had a weakness in the area of sexual temptation. The temptations he faced and succumbed to were hard to hide once married. Being caught in his weakness caused him to flaunt any and every weakness I had to the point of emotional abuse. When his sins were exposed he became angry, and this led to physical abuse. Sadly our marriage ended in divorce. He could have had an impactful ministry, but Satan won that round. 

We need to pray for each other and for those serving in ministry to be strong against the wiles of the devil. We need to pray for their wisdom and courage and spiritual armor in battle. We also need to pray for their wives and families. 

I find myself believing my pastor is perfect. I like it that way. So in order to keep it that way, I am praying for my pastor, for his wife, and for his family. I like my perfect pastor. 

Is your pastor perfect? Do you want to think he is? That’s fine. Just know that your prayers or lack thereof will have an impact on his ministry which you may never realize. 

Your thoughts are welcome. 

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