Sunday, June 21, 2015

Can You Keep a Secret?

My daughter has two little boys and is due in July with our first granddaughter. She put nesting into overdrive from about month 4 through 8 and remodeled her home herself by painting walls, painting kitchen-bathroom-laundry room cabinets, resurfacing the kitchen and bathroom countertops , framing mirrors, and decorating. (Okay, her husband helped some. I know he did the ceilings.) She then cleaned her house top to bottom. Now she enters her last month understandably exhausted.

So last week her 8 year old son decided to pose the question of how babies are made. She had made the comment that mommy and daddy made him and his brother and now his sister. So he wanted to know how? She explained to him that when mommies and daddies get married, God allows them to make babies, and they grew in the mommy’s tummy. “But how?” He pushed for a little more than a generalized answer, but she really didn’t feel he was ready for the details. She told him, “It’s a secret.” She told him he could know the secret when he is older. He thought that was kind of cool.
I laughed so hard when she told me about their conversation. But she really doesn’t feel he is mature enough to understand. He isn’t ready now, but when he is, they will let him in on the secret.

As I reflected on this, I thought about the similarity to how God deals with us. Some things we aren’t yet ready to know because we aren’t mature enough to understand.

Scripture says the secret things belong to God. It also says He reveals secret things. It tells us that the gospel message is foolishness to the world.

When we get saved and become God’s kids, our understanding opens to the things of God. They are no longer foolish, but we don’t understand everything at once. We have to grow up. As we mature, He reveals more and more of Himself to us.

How exciting! How cool! What a great way to anticipate each day and be encouraged to grow in our spiritual walk, so God can reveal more and more of His wisdom to us.

Someday Christ will come back. When? It’s a secret. But someday we will know. 

Shhhh. It’s a secret, but not forever. How have you been encouraged as you mature in your walk with God? 

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