Thursday, June 4, 2015

You Can Have it All

If only I could do this (you fill in the blank), then I could have this (you fill in the blank). How many times have each of us said something similar? If only this, then that. But what then? 

We can have so much more. 

Matthew 9:20-21, “And suddenly, a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years, came from behind and touched the hem of His garment. For she said to herself, ‘IF ONLY I may touch His garment, (then) I shall be made well.’’ 

If only . . . then.                   But what then?
Mark 6:56, “Wherever He entered, into villages, cities, or the country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that they might just touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched Him were made well.” 

If only, . . . then.               But what then? 

Where were these people later when Christ was crucified? Maybe they were there. Maybe they were afraid and hiding. I don’t know, but I do know Christ offered them so much more than their physical healing. He offered them spiritual healing too. 

For us, salvation is the first time we touch the hem of his garment. We are saved, and healing begins. But for many of us, the hem of His garment is as far as we get. 

                Going to church is touching the hem of His garment.
                Reading a quick devotion in the morning is touching the hem of His garment.
                Praying at meal time is touching the hem of His garment. 

Christ came that we might have abundant life. Abundant life is the whole outfit, not just the hem of His garment. It is all the treasures of His word in our spiritual jewelry box. The psalmist said he hid God’s word in His heart so that he might not sin against God. We can’t hide God’s word in our heart if we aren’t in His word. 

Christ said come to me all you who are weary, and I will give you rest. 

If . . . then. If we come to Him, He will give us rest. But what then? We continue to abide in Christ. And then we bear fruit, we have His love, He answers our prayers, and we walk with Him. 

We are made well by Christ through salvation, but what then? He offers so much more, and that more is found in His word. Don't be satisfied with the hem of His garment. Get out your shovel and pic and start digging for treasures to place in your spiritual jewelry box. 

Have you touched the hem of His garment? What now? 

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