Friday, November 13, 2015

Pay Attention People

“Pay Attention People!” This was my thought, or rather rant, this morning as I sat in my car in line at a fast food restaurant for breakfast and those in line in front of me were not pulling ahead as quickly as I thought they should. I realized I tend to think this quite often in different situations. 

It was suggested in a book I read this week to pray each morning before even getting out of bed and to ask God, “What do you want me to do today?” And then just wait for Him to answer. As I picked up my breakfast and began my drive to work, God answered that prayer. “What do I want you to do today? Pay attention, Donna.” I began to consider how many times I want to rant “Pay Attention People” and then considered how many times God must want to shout the same thing to us, “Pay Attention People”. 

So what was I to pay attention to? 

I noticed the beautiful sky with the sun breaking through the clouds on my right and a clear blue sky to my left. “Thank you, God.” I thought of the crazy day awaiting me at work and remembered how great it was I had a job. I remembered the thrill I felt this week when my son passed his teacher certification test and then received an opportunity to begin coaching. “Thank you, God.” 

As I contemplated paying attention, I listened closer to the words in the song playing on the radio. So many times I just sing along to the tunes I enjoy without paying close attention to the details of the lyrics. The melodies I love became more than just a song. They became the prayer of my heart. “Thank you, God.” 

The man that arrived at work at the same time I did was excited to open the door for me. He is such a pleasure to work with. “Thank you, God.” Amidst deadlines and mounds of paperwork that could not possibly be handled in one day, I was blessed by God. I just needed to “Pay Attention”. 

Do you ever find yourself wanting to scream “Pay Attention People”? Maybe you are not as impatient or overly meticulous as me. Sometimes a “Pay Attention” may be warranted and sometimes not. But I’m sure with God, we (or at least I) always need the reminder. 

So – “Pay Attention People” to what God wants you to do today. You will be blessed.