Monday, August 15, 2016

What Happened to Today?

I hear it every week.

“It’s Monday again (insert sad face here).”

“It’s Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend.”

“It’s Friday. We’re almost there.”

All around us we hear people counting down the days until the weekend, until the next holiday, until graduation, or until retirement. What about all those days in between. If we aren’t careful, they are wasted. I’m concerned that in living for tomorrow, we lose the time we have today.

I’m not immune to this. I often live for the next project, the next event, or the next trip. As a planner, I love the preparation and the excitement of anticipating that next happening. Right now I am preparing for a conference in a couple of weeks. I have already made a packing list and opened my suitcase for prepacking. It is still two weeks away! While preparation is good, I can get lost in the excitement and longing for a future moment and lose the blessings of today.

I dream of future accomplishments and make plans to achieve them. This is a great practice, but if I don’t act on part of that plan today, the dream of tomorrow will never arrive. I will continue looking to a day which might never come.

What happened to today?

Today is the day we take a step toward meeting our goals.
How much can we accomplish TODAY?

Today is the day we can help someone in need.
Whose day can we brighten TODAY?

Today is the day we make our company successful or provide for our family.
How hard will we work TODAY?

Today is the day we influence our children and those around us.
What example will we set TODAY?

Today is the day the Lord has made.
Will we rejoice and be glad in it, TODAY? 

Stop living only for the next moment. Try living for today. What truths from God’s Word can you place in your jewelry box -- TODAY? 

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