Friday, September 16, 2016

Fingerprints on Your Life

Fingerprints. We leave them everywhere. I was at a friend’s house this week, and we were talking about how grandkids leave their prints on door windows and glass tables. Instead of cleaning them off, sometimes those prints are a sweet reminder of the time we have spent with little chubby fingers.

Fingerprints leave our mark everywhere we go. They identify us. In criminal investigations, fingerprints can be used to identify someone at a crime scene or solve a mystery.

God also leaves His fingerprints on our lives. I have made bad decisions in my life, and I have also suffered abuse at the hands of others. But God has always picked me up and tenderly brushed me off leaving His fingerprints in place of the mistakes and abuse.

Do I want to be remembered by my mistakes and failures or the prints of God’s grace and mercy? Do I want to be remembered by the scars I’ve received from other people’s prints on my life or by God’s prints of love and healing?  

When I continually go back and relive sorrows from my past, it’s as if I’m taking out paper towels and glass cleaner and wiping off God’s prints on my life.

Has God saved you, brought you through a storm, shown you His love, given you His strength, given you peace, been faithful, caused you to hope? These are the fingerprints of God on your life. Don’t try to wash them away. Let God’s fingerprints on your life be your identity. Then share His prints with others. 

Where have you seen his fingerprints on your life? 

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