Sunday, October 23, 2016

Flimsy Excuse

This weekend I attended a writer’s workshop. During one of the sessions, we were given a writing prompt and told to write for 5 minutes. I initially thought I had nothing to say. The prompt was “Well, that excuse sure sounds flimsy”. Here is what poured out. 

That excuse sounds flimsy. How many times have I thought this? 
  • My teenager didn’t mow the lawn because he thought dad already did.
  • An employee is late to work because their dog was sick.
  • It was raining.
  • I got lost.
  • There was a train.
  • I was too busy.
  • And probably the worst one, “I forgot”. To come to work? Really?

How many times has God looked at me and thought, “Well, that excuse sure sounds flimsy.” Those times when I gave a similar excuse for not taking time with Him and His word. 

Sorry, God. I couldn’t spend time with you this morning because my alarm clock didn’t go off. Sorry, I was extra tired this morning and hit snooze too many times. Sorry, I forgot about this last minute project at work. I was spending quality time with my husband watching TV. I’ve just been so busy. The dishwasher called. Those new emails might be an emergency. 

In reality, maybe sometimes I am just lazy or selfish. My excuses are lies. They don’t work. And God knows the truth. 

Employees might get fired, children might get disciplined, but ignoring our time with God causes a greater consequence. It empties our spiritual jewelry box. 

We think we see through other’s excuses, so why do we think God won’t see through ours. Why not just say, “I’m truly sorry. Please forgive me. Can I start again?” 

I hope you spend some time with Him today. It’s the most important thing you can do today and every day. 

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