Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Drive Thru Experience - God Give me Strength

I am sitting in the drive thru line. The car in front of me pulls up, but not quite far enough for my window to reach the speaker. The attendant inside asks, “May I take your order?” But they can’t hear because I’m too far away. So I yell my order. Now everyone within two blocks distance knows what I’m having for lunch. Everyone in the parking lot and surrounding cars knows my order except for the person trying to take my order. 

Why can’t the car in front of me just pull up a little more? Don’t they see me behind them? For that matter, don’t they hear me yelling? Does anyone else get annoyed by this? It’s like every car in the drive through lane leaves a full car’s length between them. Just pull up already. 

The same thing happens at a red light where I’m left blocking an intersection. If the cars in front of me would just pull up six inches each, I would no longer be blocking the person that is staring at me from the cross street waiting for me to get out of their way. Just pull up already. 

You might be thinking I lack patience, but the real issue is control. I know how far each car should pull up and how they should merge and how they should park. My way is best. If you don’t believe me, ask my husband. 

So I’m driving through my Bible study and God says, “Stop”. This is one area I relinquish control. I stop. I’m in the middle of a Bible study about my weakness and God’s strength, and He keeps bringing me back to control. Mine, not His. However, it should be His, not mine. 

Wait a minute. I was hoping to learn how to have God’s strength in place of my weakness. So I stop and listen. Perhaps control is my weakness. Along with the many benefits being in control can have, God says it is also my weakness. 

I love to plan and organize and problem solve. Those things are great--unless I plan and organize and problem solve God right out of the picture. He wants to be my planner, my organizer, and my problem solver. 

What annoys you? Is it the drive through line, the traffic circle merge, the empty coffee pot on a hot burner, or the toilet paper rolled the wrong way? What can God teach you through your day to day routines? 

Give up control, but be sure you give it to God.

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