Monday, January 2, 2017

Resolutions, Goals, Commitments

Something struck me during church yesterday morning about my New Year Goals. Instead of making New Year resolutions, I have set goals. But who are those goals for? Are they for me? Where is God in all of this? 

My pastor asked, “Is God the center of your life around which everything revolves?” So who am I setting goals for? Of course, the answer is me and my family. 

What if instead of resolutions or goals, I made commitments. Not commitments to myself, but commitments to God. Whoa! I don’t take commitments lightly. And since my word of the year for 2017 is discipline, that ups the commitment level.

So this week I’m going to review my goals and decide to make commitments. Not to me, but to God. So I have to do some praying and soul searching. Isn’t this something I should have done anyway? 

So what resolutions or goals have you set? Or have you? 
  • Do you want to lose weight? Why? Is it what God would want? Probably. 
  • Do you want to get organized? Why? Is it something God wants you to do? Maybe, maybe not. 
  • Do you want to finish that book you have been writing? Why? Is it something God has called you to do? Possibly.
I challenge you to do the same soul searching. Pray, and then make a commitment to God. Start with one, or be brave and go for two or three. But be sure it is a commitment, to God, which is something to be taken seriously.

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