Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Struggle is Real

So my word for this year is discipline. I struggle with discipline in some areas. I love to be in control, but I’m not always in control of myself.

One struggle I have is eating right. I ate bad yesterday and had a piece of candy that I was going to eat this morning in the car. Yes, it was chocolate. “God, what do I do? Why is this such a struggle for me?”

I had two impressions right away. One, you need to obey me in small things first. Two, I love you just as you are even if you eat the candy. So which one was from God. Both? I know they are both true.

I could immediately remember reading books where the authors told of times when God impressed on them that they were loved regardless. I could also remember books where the authors told of times when God said they had to take this first step in order for Him to show them the next one.

So, God, what are you really saying to me?

Okay, here it is – totally not what I was expecting or even asking.

God: You read too much sometimes.
Me: What? What does this have to do with anything?
God: Shouldn’t you be immediately remembering what my Word says instead of what some author says?
Me: Conviction.

How many times at a Bible study is my memory triggered by something I read, and I share something I recently read about what someone else said about this situation that really impressed me. Shouldn’t my memory be triggered by something I recently read in scripture and what God says about this situation.

Yes, I am writing, and I want others to read my books; but first and foremost, we all need to be reading God’s book. If you are reading this and have not yet read from God’s book today, stop here and go read it now. NOW!

Pick a book of the Bible and read it as if you have never heard it or read it before. Imagine it is a book off of your book shelf, and read it with no preconceptions of what anyone else has ever said. Ask God to help you do this. Enjoy the read. Don’t try to analyze it. Just read for pleasure, and see what God reveals to you.

My takeaway is to spend as much time or more reading God’s book than books other people write about it.  

Your thoughts?